We are Dalmatian preservationist breeders, dedicated to breeding for health, temperament, soundness and Dalmatian type according to the AKC Standard.

Our Foundation Bitch

DOB: June 29, 2020
Color: Liver & White
BAER Bilateral
Eyes Normal
Thyroid Normal


Now that Ruby is a Champion we plan to pursue her Grand Championship. We also will complete her FastCAT title. She only needs 2 points. 

We have begun to look for a suitable sire that matches up nicely to Ruby. Puppy plans for the future, most likely in Summer 2023 if all goes as planned. We are excited to see how this lovely lady produces and becomes the foundation for Queen of Hearts Dalmatians.


Ruby has an excellent temperament and great outlook on life. She is sound, pretty, with an awesome front peice and her movement is lovely. She is healthy from healthy lines. She should produce beautiful puppies. 

The quest begins...

Our fair lady is searching for her knight.
  • Moderate size
  • Black or Liver, but prefer a black, liver factored boy
  • Excellent croup and tail set
  • Dark Eye
  • Excellent Temperament
  • Great Health with a clean health history in pedigree and CHIC completed
  • Pedigree that matches up in all the right places

Queen of Hearts Dalmatians


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If you are interested in getting on our Dalmatian Puppy waiting list please contact Julie. We will start the screening process in advance.