We are Julie and Jon and we are living a good life in Anchorage, Alaska. 


Careers, Recreation and Dog Shows!

FSBO Systems Alaska LLC

FSBO Systems Alaska LLC is our real estate business. We help home owners sell their homes without the large realtor commission. Visit our website at: https://fsbosystemak.com

Talking Circle Media

Jon has his Educational Video and Communications business. Find us at: https://talkingcirclemedia.com 


We currently have a 4 unit Aire BNB in Anchorage, Alaska. You can find out more here.... 

Turo Car Rentals

We have a turo car rental business.


We love to hike, camp, bike and spend time in the breathtaking Alaska wilderness. 
Julie loves to garden and plant vegetables as well as beautiful flowers.
Julie has raised and trained working Border Collies who also competed in trials for Field Trial Championships. This love of her dogs and training prompted her to want to get a conformation show dog and begin her journey as Queen of Hearts Dalmatians. 

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