These photos were taken at 7 weeks 0 days.

Who is available? Update:

Orange Girl (is now known as Suki) – is available with a show home preference.

If you are interested, please fill out a puppy application in the Dalmatian Puppy page of this website.

I will not take a puppy payment until I meet all of your family members or we have a phone / video chat for those out of Alaska. I will never ask for upfront advance payment for the puppy before we have talked, so please don’t reply to scammers. I will not post my puppy fees online and if you haven’t put in a puppy application, don’t believe someone else telling you how to pay for your puppy.

Enjoy this collection. Thank you to Cynthia, Crystal, Sarah, Tonya and Ian for your help with the assessments and the photos. Sometimes it takes a village.

Blue Boy show side
Blue Boy off-side
Orange Girl show side
Orange Girl off-side
Orange chest
Pink (Mystique) show side
Pink (Mystique) off-side
Pink (Mystique) chest
Green Boy (Dilly) show side
Green Boy (Dilly) off-side
Green Boy (Dilly) chest
Green Boy (Dilly) rear
Patch Boy show side
Yellow Girl (Hope) show side
Yellow Girl (Hope) off-side
Yellow Girl (Hope) chest
Yellow Girl (Hope) rear
Purple Boy show side
Purple Boy off-side
Purple Boy chest
Purple Boy rear